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CTools installer for windows, useful for Pentaho

The CTools is an Open Source toolkit developed by Webdetails , and now we present a windows installer for ctoolls, thanks to effort of our colleagues of stratebi
You can download too, STPivot , an improved alternative for old Jpivot and try STDashboard and STCard in our demo section
The CTools are:
To install most of these projects Pedro Alves created the CToolsInstaller a bash script to automate the installation of most ctolls (CDA, CDE, CDF, CDE) and Saiku . Script that is fine but for people who are sometimes forced to work in environments that are not unix / linux it is cumbersome. There are guides that explain how to use it in Windows-but not just convinced me.

And as I implemented a version of CToolsInstaller for PentahoLauncher it did not cost me much extract that piece of code and create my CToolsInstaller for windows.

If you want you can download it from here:
If you want the eclipse project with the source code you can download from here:

CDF, CDA, CCC, CDE are developments made ​​by Webdetails .
Saiku is a development by Analytical-labs - MeteoriteBI
The server downloads Jenkins performed with Analytical-labs
Demos and Docs from Stratebi