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10 demos de Microsoft BI

Os incluyo una buena recopilación de demos basadas en el BI de Microsof. Para saber las posibilidades de una herramienta, nada mejor que mostrar sus demos.
Surface Demo
10. Sales Dashboard in Silverlight – visualize sales performance, select regions, identify who’s a performer and who’s not in a very visual and intuitive way.
9. Hello Hockey fans – a fun example of how you could track your favorite hockey team using NHL data and Microsoft Silverlight
8. Sustainability Dashboard – how can lowering your organizations carbon footprint equal more money to the bottom line? See how BI can help gain access to information that will help your company become more efficient and greener
7. School District Uses Dashboards and Scorecards – check out this external SharePoint portal that allows anyone from school administrators to partners access information about grades and school performance
6. Oil and Gas demo – watch a demo of how an Oil and Gas company could manage their business with dashboards and scorecards within SharePoint Server
5. Mobile and Desktop BI – a very cool demo of business intelligence on a windows mobile device and monitoring metrics right from a desktop widget
4. Virtual Earth Geo-Spatial demo – business intelligence and virtual earth need I say more?
3. Futures preview, Self Service Analysis – get a sneak peek at project Gemini, in-memory analytics to analyze massive amounts of data quickly within an Excel environment
2. Futures preview, sharing self service analysis – get a sneak peek into project Gemini and sharing a self service analysis model through SharePoint.
1. Surface Demo – the king of all BI demos, shown last year at the Microsoft BI conference in Seattle, an amazing display of data visualization and virtual earth on the touch screen surface interface
Via: Microsoft BI Blog