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Amazon Simple DB, nuevo plugin en Pentaho, Kettle

Mas que interesante este nuevo plugin disponible , (gratuito, que nos permite traernos informacion de las bases SimpleDB de Amazon .


Enter your access keys and select your Amazon SimpleDB endpoint (the geographical region your database is located in.) You can test it with the Check Database Connection button which will attempt to connect and give you a list of your domains and summary information.

Enter your query in SimpleDB’s SQL-like language, you can find a help guide here: Tips and Tricks for Amazon SimpleDB Query

“Consistent Read” is an Amazon option to ensure you get the most up-to-date possible data, but not ticking it should give quicker results and according to Amazon you’re only likely to miss a write “for a small period of time, usually about a second.” A Technical article can be found here: Amazon SimpleDB Consistency Enhancements