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Bloom, Graph Visualisation y Discovery tool para Neo4j

Muy interesante la presentación de la nueva herramienta de visualización para Neo4J , Bloom , realmente espectacular
Además, tienes otras posibilidades de visualización para Neo4J
Aquí podéis ver una  Demo usando Neo4J  con los Panama Papers y para cálculo de distancias, en este caso usando Linkurious
Bloom visually reveals the value of data relationships and identifies connectedness paths between interesting clusters and nodes. These situations often include:

  • Identifying the relationship (or hidden path) between individuals
  • Connecting people to activities, locations, compaines, devices and other objects
  • Demonstrating to management the innovative impact of graphs
  • Illustrating the context and paths of graph designs and Cypher queries
Bloom gives you the ability to:
  • Inspect the animated graph by panning and zooming across the visible domain
  • Snapshot scenes using a screen capture tool and paste to publish
  • Select a node and toggle to understand properties and adjacent nodes based on its relationships
  • Edit nodes, relationships and properties
  • Pick a template and view the metadata perspective of that template against your data
  • Initiate queries within the search box based on suggestions and template phrases
  • Advance the scene and choose a new query to execute in the search box
  • Save your history including “hints” that inform the illustration so Bloom remembers where you left off