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El futuro del futbol pasa por la tecnologia

Interesante el enfoque de htc sobre el impacto de la tecnología en el futbol, que incluye una lista detallada de hitos tecnológicos que cambiarán el futbol, como comentan en su web del el futuro del futbol
Timeline Future of Football:
2016 - Accelerometers in mobiles used in supporter apps
2016 - Basic data overlays via visors
2017 - Displays used in electronic hats and flags
2018 - Apps allow supporter groups to link to players on field
2018 - Collectable Player Cards
2020 - Retractable cameras in turf with player location sensing
2020 - Active contact lenses
2020 - Personalised adverts and half-time directions
2020 - Electronic Jewellery
2020 - Cameras routinely embedded in player kit
2025 - Full hi-res video augmented reality overlays via video visors
2025 - Ball impact sensors and accelerometers in football boots
2025 - Referees get enhanced augmented reality tools
2030 - Vibrating seating used in atmosphere management
2030 - Pitch condition data sensors embedded
2030 - Insect-like robots carry tiny cameras and follow players
2035 - Players wear active skin video tattoos
2035 - Active skin used in health monitoring and training
2035 - Real-time player physiological data broadcast to coach
2040 - Robot football starts becomes commonplace
2040 - Airborne LED lighting via insect-like robots
2040 - Real-time player physiological data available to fans
2040 - Full video clothing worn by players and fans
2040 - Sensory relay between players and fans
2040 - Active contact lenses & coach audio links permitted on-field
2045 - Players get bird’s eye view of field with strategy overlay
2045 - Smartphones enable ultra-real 3D simulation & immersion
2045 - Full strike and strategy simulation used in training
2050 - Full sensory simulation lets fans feel as if they were playing
2055 - Virtual leagues with online gamers competing in ‘real’ games
2060 - Full android teams very common with their own leagues
2060 - Fans can directly control android players on field
2060 - Fans can remotely inhabit android players as if it’s them
2060 - Full active skin-based sensory relay from player to fans
2060 - Advanced nutraceuticals linked to real-time physiology
2060 - Smart nutritional consumption data used in advertising

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