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Every employee should know data analysis?

Segun Venturebeat , 'Every employee should know data analysis'
"I will wager that 99 percent of businesses in the U.S don’t need anyone proficient in C++ or Java. 
The tech skills required by most employers are substantial but quite different:"
1. The basics of a scripting language. Bash for Unix/Linux, JavaScript for web browsers, or Visual Basic for Microsoft Applications are simple coding skills that are easy to learn and valuable for workers across disciplines and levels. These skills allow you to automate tasks, promoting efficiency in manipulation and analysis.
For example, if you run a contest, you could write a simple script to determine if people who’ve entered the contest submitted their content to your site by the specified date. Looking up hundreds of users manually would be very tedious, but this scripting language know-how would make the process efficient.

2. Simple SQL commands. These commands are necessary to process raw data and turn it into information that you can analyze and apply.
Sure, the right people on your team should know how to code – but most of them should be writing spreadsheet macros and pivot tables to support your internal business processes, not agile algorithms for entrepreneurial endeavours. They should know the basics of HTML editing and how to set up folders and accounts with the correct security rights for your team. That’s what the bulk of businesses need from technology education.

3. Deductive reasoning skills. Being able to look at various pieces of data and draw a conclusion is probably the most valuable skill for any employee to have, and surprisingly it’s something that’s too often missing from otherwise technically advanced employees.