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Las 10 tendencias en Business Intelligence para 2010

2010 BI predictions
Un año más, llegando el final de año, aparecen por la prensa digital un buen númeo de 'adivinos' en forma de análistas, ofreciéndonos sus previsiones.
A continuación os indicamos las que nos ofrece Nenshad Bardoliwalla , co-author de Driven to Perform: Risk-Aware Performance Management From Strategy Through Execution . Debo decir, que me parecen muy interesantes, acertadas y documentadas.
1. We will witness the emergence of packaged strategy-driven execution applications.
2. The holy grail of the predictive, real-time enterprise will start to deliver on its promises.
3. The industry will put reporting and slice-and-dice capabilities in their appropriate places and return to its decision-centric roots with a healthy dose of Web 2.0 style collaboration
4. Performance, risk, and compliance management will continue to become unified in a process-based framework and make the leap out of the CFO’s office.
5. SaaS / Cloud BI Tools will steal significant revenue from on-premise vendors but also fight for limited oxygen amongst themselves.
6. Advanced Visualization will continue to increase in depth and relevance to broader audiences.
7. The undeniable arrival of the era of big data will lead to further proliferation in data management alternatives.
8. Open Source offerings will continue to make in-roads against on-premise offerings.
9. Data Quality, Data Integration, and Data Virtualization will merge with Master Data Management to form a unified Information Management Platform for structured and unstructured data.
10. Excel will continue to provide the dominant paradigm for end-user BI consumption.
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