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Libro Gratuito: Front-End Developer Handbook 2018

Que todavía no lo habéis descargado? Un libro imprescindible!! Front-End Developer Handbook 2018
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What Is a Front-End Developer?
Recap of Front-end Dev in 2017
In 2018 expect...
P art I: The Front-End Practice
Front-End Jobs Titles
Common Web Tech Employed
Front-End Dev Skills
Front-End Devs Develop For...
Front-End on a Team
Generalist/Full-Stack Myth
Front-End interview questions
Front-End Job Boards
Front-End Salaries
How FDs Are Made
Part II: Learning Front-End Dev
Self Directed Learning
Learn Internet/Web
Learn Web Browsers
Learn DNS
Learn HTTP/Networks
Learn Web Hosting
Learn General Front-End Dev
Learn UI/Interaction Design
Learn HTML & CSS
Learn SEO
Learn JavaScript
Learn Web Animation
Learn DOM, BOM & jQuery
Learn Web Fonts, Icons, & Images
Learn Accessibility
Learn Web/Browser APIs
Learn JSON
Learn JS Templates
Learn Static Site Generators
Learn Computer Science via JS
Learn Front-End App Architecture
Learn Data API (i.e. JSON/REST) Design
Learn React
Learn State Management
Learn Progressive Web App
Learn JS API Design
Learn Web Dev Tools
Learn Command Line
Learn Node.js
Learn JS Modules
Learn JS Module loaders/bundlers
Learn Package Managers
Learn Version Control
Learn Build & Task Automation
Learn Site Performance Optimization
Learn Testing
Learn Headless Browsers
Learn Offline Dev
Learn Web/Browser/App Security
Learn Multi-Device Dev (e.g., RWD)
Directed Learning
Front-End Schools, Courses, & Bootcamps
Front-End Devs to Learn From
Newsletters, News, & Podcasts
Part III: Front-End Dev Tools
Doc/API Browsing Tools
SEO Tools
Prototyping & Wireframing Tools
Diagramming Tools
HTTP/Network Tools
Code Editing Tools
Browser Tools
HTML Tools
CSS Tools
DOM Tools
JavaScript Tools
Static Site Generators Tools
Accessibility Dev Tools
App Frameworks (Desktop, Mobile etc.) Tools
State Management Tools
Progressive Web App Tools
GUI Development/Build Tools
Templating/Data Binding Tools
UI Widget & Component Toolkits
Data Visualization (e.g., Charts) Tools
Graphics (e.g., SVG, canvas, webgl) Tools
Animation Tools
JSON Tools
Placeholder Images/Text Tools
Testing Tools
Front-end Data Storage Tools
Module/Package Loading Tools
Module/Package Repo. Tools
Hosting Tools
Project Management & Code Hosting
Collaboration & Communication Tools
CMS Hosted/API Tools
BAAS (for Front-End Devs) Tools
Offline Tools
Security Tools
Tasking (aka Build) Tools
Deployment Tools
Site/App Monitoring Tools
JS Error Monitoring Tools
Performance Tools
Tools for Finding Tools