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Libro Pentaho Kettle Solutions en creacion

Como ya avanzábamos hace unas semanas , se esta escribiendo un libro que promete ser muy, muy interesante: Pentaho Kettle Solutions .

Y promete ser interesante por que lo firman Matt Casters , Jos Van Dongen y Roland Bouman . Aunque prevista su publicación para después de este verano, ya os podemos anticipar el indice previsto.
# Part I: Getting Started
* ETL Primer
* Kettle Concepts
* Installation and Configuration
* Sample ETL Solution
# Part II: ETL Subsystems
* Overview of the 34 Subsystems of ETL
* Data Extraction
* Cleansing and Conforming
* Handling Dimension Tables
* Fact Tables
* Loading OLAP Cubes
# Part III: Management and Deployment
* Testing and Debugging
* Scheduling and Monitoring
* Versioning and Migration
* Lineage and Auditing
* Securing your Environment
* Documenting
# Part IV: Performance and Scalability
* Performance Tuning
* Parallization and Partitioning
* Dynamic Clustering in the Cloud
* Realtime and Streaming data
# Part V: Integrating and Extending Kettle
* Pentaho BI Integration
* Third-party Kettle Integration
* Extending Kettle

# Part VI: Advanced Topics
* Webservices and Web APIs
* Complex File Handling
* Data Vault Management
* Working with ERP Systems