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Using Carto and Pentaho in near Real Time Dashboards

Location intelligence   or  spatial intelligence , is the process of deriving meaningful insight from  geospatial data  relationships to solve a particular problem.  (Click on the above dashboard)

It involves layering multiple data sets spatially and/or chronologically, for easy reference on a map, and its applications span industries, categories and organizations It is generally agreed that more than 80% of all data has a location element to it and that location directly affects the kinds of insights that you might draw from many sets of information (Wikipedia rules)

Deploying location intelligence by analyzing data using a geographical information system (GIS) within business is becoming a critical core strategy for success in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Location intelligence is also used to describe the integration of a geographical component into  business intelligence  processes and tools , often incorporating  spatial database  and spatial  OLAP  tools .

Check this Online Dashboard created by our friends from Stratebi

Now, this is easier and more affordable than never thanks to tools like  Carto  and  Pentaho