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Opengrid, la gran iniciativa Open Source que ha liberado la ciudad de Chicago

OpenGrid es una gran iniciativa en el campo del Open Data y Analytics de la Ciudad de Chicago
Need to put analytics into the hands of your team? OpenGrid can be deployed to enable real-time situational awareness and let your organization access historical events through a simple map-based interface. 
It is an excellent, low-cost business intelligence tool for governments, non-profits, and corporations. Pair OpenGrid with the open-source, NoSQL MongoDB database behind your firewall for an even more powerful, secure program.

Open Data:
OpenGrid can be configured to run off of a variety of sources, including , which can intake data from Socrata and CKAN open data portals. 
Governments using those portals can leverage and their data portal to create an easy way for residents to perform a simple navigation of their city and neighborhoods.