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Pentaho and MongoDB, what a great combination

Some days ago we shared a white paper about how to up and running MongoDB. Now we show some good stuff about how to manage Big Data Analytics using Pentaho and MongoDB

See Webinar The value of MongoDB increases dramatically with Pentaho 5.0. It is now possible to access, blend, visualize and report on MongoDB in combination with any other data source for increased insight and operational analytics.

Here are a few highlights of the value of Pentaho 5.0 for MongoDB developers:
  • Dramatically improve ease-of-use for reporting - Meta data discovery
  • Accelerated query performance for data in MongoDB - Rich support for aggregation pipelines
  • Optimized reporting with no impact on cluster performance - Support for replica sets and tag sets
  • Increased insight by blending MongoDB data with ANY data source - Pentaho big data blending at the source
Pentaho and MongoDB, Inc. engineers worked collaboratively for over a year to tightly integrate and exploit the latest features and capabilities.