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PostgreSQL 9.5 viene con nuevas e interesantes funcionalidades Big Data y para BI/DW

Se acaba de lanzar la nueva versión de PostgreSQL 9.5 e incluye novedades en Big Data, BI, OLAP de la que se está convirtiendo en la mejor Base de Datos para entornos analiticos
MicroOLAP Database Designer meets PostgreSQL 9.5

Big Data Features ( what´s new detail )

PostgreSQL 9.5 includes multiple new features for bigger databases, and for integrating with other Big Data systems. These features ensure that PostgreSQL continues to have a strong role in the rapidly growing open source Big Data marketplace. Among them are:
BRIN Indexing : This new type of index supports creating tiny, but effective indexes for very large, "naturally ordered" tables. For example, tables containing logging data with billions of rows could be indexed and searched in 5% of the time required by standard BTree indexes.
Faster Sorts : PostgreSQL now sorts text and NUMERIC data faster, using an algorithm called "abbreviated keys". This makes some queries which need to sort large amounts of data 2X to 12X faster, and can speed up index creation by 20X.
CUBE, ROLLUP and GROUPING SETS : These new standard SQL clauses let users produce reports with multiple levels of summarization in one query instead of requiring several. CUBE will also enable tightly integrating PostgreSQL with more Online Analytic Processing (OLAP) reporting tools such as Tableau.
Foreign Data Wrappers (FDWs) : These already allow using PostgreSQL as a query engine for other Big Data systems such as Hadoop and Cassandra. Version 9.5 adds IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA and JOIN pushdown making query connections to external databases both easier to set up and more efficient.
TABLESAMPLE : This SQL clause allows grabbing a quick statistical sample of huge tables, without the need for expensive sorting.
"The new BRIN index in PostgreSQL 9.5 is a powerful new feature which enables PostgreSQL to manage and index volumes of data that were impractical or impossible in the past. It allows scalability of data and performance beyond what was considered previously attainable with traditional relational databases and makes PostgreSQL a perfect solution for Big Data analytics," said Boyan Botev, Lead Database Administrator, Premier, Inc.