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STData (versioning), for Pentaho Data Integration

What is STData?

STData is simple, fast and focused on collaborative development, to maintain, manage and safeguard the vision of each of the multiple ETL projects that can be done with it, enabling the versioning

What is it for?

Based on the successful open source project, Pentaho Data Integration, STData stands out for being ideal for the coordination of development teams and the execution of processes, in large and small teams, where the dependency between integration systems must be minimal.

What problems does it solve?

The management and coordination of data integration processes development between the members of a team, departments and even between organizations.

How does it work?

Using the database manager of your choice, STData creates and safeguards each change made to the migration processes in a centralized repository, thus providing a single view of the state of development, gaining control and tranquility throughout the evolution of the processes to be deployed.
This repository can reside in either a local environment or in the cloud.
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