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Yahoo Cocktails usa Mondrian

Un buen ejemplo del uso de Big Data y Open Source por grandes compañías, como es el caso de Yahoo, como relatan en esta información.
Un buen ejemplo de Caso de Exito que seguiremos de cerca.

Algunos de los puntos relevantes de la misma es el uso de Hadoop y Mondrian (Pentaho) :

Yahoo has also developed a set of open source code called Cocktails, which gives advertisers the tools to extract information in Yahoo's Hadoop systems. Cocktails are written in JavaScript so they can run in browser windows; Manhattan is a server-side cocktail and Mojito is client-side. Essentially, Burke explained, each cocktail could run the same reporting program on a server or an end-user laptop, respectively, to get information that an advertiser is seeking. "We believe over the years, Cocktails will replace PHP in the enterprise. JavaScript is a better, more interactive language," Burke said. 

Cocktails work with a Yahoo service, Advertiser Insights, to find information. The reporting system works on a Hadoop-Oracle-Pentaho Mondrian (open source code for building multi-view cubes) stack. "Yahoo has a lot of valuable data. Advertisers can see all the information that we've learned about their customers," noted Burke.
Finally, Yahoo uses Hadoop for its own internal analysis of information captured from user interactions. It stores 140 petabytes in Hadoop. Since Hadoop keeps all data sets in triplicate, over 400 petabytes of storage are needed to sustain its systems.