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A Federated Information Infrastructure that Works: Video and Paper

Take a look at this interesting presentation by our former colleague Xavier Gumara , good friend and great specialist in data and analytics.
Highly recommended!!


Large companies are pretty much distributed/organized by business divisions or geographies that became part of the enterprise as new launches or via mergers and acquisitions. In this situation, it can be challenging to provide “one source of truth” for core business information at enterprise scale.

At Adevinta, after learning from our decentralization and centralization implementations, we evolved towards a federated information infrastructure that, while having some inefficiencies, ended up being successful for data collection, storage, exploration, transformation and aggregation at enterprise scale.
In this talk you will learn about:
- Our enterprise BI architecture and governance model and how we got there
- How are we leveraging central and local truths with Athena and Redshift Spectrum
- Our framework to easily calculate business metrics built in Scala and Spark