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Comparacion entre Talend y Pentaho

Hace un tiempo os poníamos una primera Comparación entre Pentaho Data Integration Talend Open Studio . Hoy traemos otra comparación interesante:
  • Talend:  Talend is an open-source data integration tool whereas Pentaho Kettle is a commercial open-source data integration tool
  • Talend offers limited connectivity to concurrent databases, and other forms of data but has a dependency factor of  Java   drivers to connect to the data sources whereas Pentaho offers a wide range of connectivity to extensive databases, and other forms of data
  • Talend has its support which exists majorly in the US whereas Pentaho its support which not only exists in the US, and also targets the UK, Asia Pacific markets

Although both Talend and Pentaho tools carry similar characteristics, here one needs to understand the GUI which Pentaho Kettle holds a slight advantage.
Below we see the salient characteristics and prominent offerings of the Pentaho Kettle to Talend:
  • P entaho kettle is twice faster when compared to  Talend
  • Pentaho kettle’s GUI is easier to run when compared to Talend’s GUI  Adapts well to the system
  • Can easily deal with different data clusters
  • C an be used as a slave server on many machines while transformation processing
  • C ost of ownership

Ta lend is more useful when there is an existing system where a  Java program  is already running/being implemented.
Listed below are the advantages of Talend code generation approach
  • Ea sy deployment (for standalone Java application)
  • Saves time
  • C ost-effective

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