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Formula Editor in Jpivot, new feature in STPivot

One of the features, we´ve added to old jpivot is Formula Editor you can find in new STPivot , the new free and open source olap viewer you can download:

This feature allow users to add/edit calculated members or named sets, that are added to the query in the form of “ withmember ...”. This entities list, also known as formulas, appears below the cube navigator in left panel. In the picture you can see the Formula Editor dialog, along with red marks indicating where are the buttons to open it.
If the formula is a calculated member, users can indicate its dimension to have a consistent name proposal (that he can also change). But if it is a named set, no dimension will be necessary.

The expression editor is similar to the MDX Query editor, only a bit simpler, including the cube navigator and formula selector features .

Calculated members may have multiple properties, such as FORMAT_STRING and SOLVE_ORDER for instance; so users can add them directly in the expression editor, or optionally use the dynamic list of property+value at the bottom.
Hope this helps to everyone using old jpivot. Remember that in new versions of Pentaho you receive this kind of message when accesing Mondrian OLAP cubes.

You can follow our Video Tutorial for creating formulas in STPivot . Hope you enjoy it! !