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Freedom for the Business Intelligence User, STDashboard

Freedom to analyze my data. Freedom to create my own dashboards. Freedom and independence and immediacy of the results for the end user.
When we talk to a potential user, the same question arises: What if I want a new dashboard, however simple, I have to call you?

After the emergence of Web 2.0, the user is more and more independent and manage their own content. Blogging through a web interface, they got pictures, got off music, they do all sorts of things from the browser. How can we not be able to do a Dashboard? Yes, they Can!

How could be, by definition, in a context that is evolutionary, not going to let end users create their own dashboards? This is by far the greatest weakness that has Pentaho Open Source. And that's one reason why some end users prefer another tool, although more limited in power, Pentaho despite being extraordinarily powerful. That's why in Stratebi we have been developing our STDashboard. The editor dashboard that provides end users the ability to create their own dashboards.
After several months of hard work and much help we have developed a dashboard editor under the following assumptions:
  • A dashboard editor for end users. IN-NEGOTIABLE
    • An end user does not have to write a single line of code. Not a character!
    • An end user does not have to learn how it works. No instruction manual!
      • It should be intuitive enough for 1 minute will learn to handle
      • It should be clear enough and with enough context to help always know where you are and you're doing.
    • An end user should analyze their data easily and interactively.
  • A dashboard editor based on data models already defined.
  • An editor that allows simple but intuitive dashboards that meet the basic functionality required for any control panel:
    • To choose among the most used types of charts
    • To filter the data based on selectors
    • That allows the interplay of information between the different components.
    • Enabling, in short, make my dashboard.
And this is the result:

Note that this is not a dashboard editor with universal purpose, as there are a lot of types of business needs you can managed with more elaborated Dashboards, as an example of Tablero Futbolero, as we wrote in this pdf document 'How to create dashboards' and this post , 'BI, Power to the user' . This editor is designed to meet the needs of all users under specific conditions.
When we talk about the types of users. One type of user can be anyone and it is the user who wants to explore the data in an easy and intuitive way. If they have a meeting and want to prepare to analyze the data you have at your fingertips. Who wants to ask questions and get immediate answers. For that user is the STDashboard.

Want to try? , in Stratebi demo you can, although is not the final version, as we are working on gauges and other features, if you can see how it works, you can try it!!