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Google open sources Embedding Projector for high-dimensional data

Good news for open source data visualization fans: Google open sources Embedding Projector for high-dimensional data
The tool will help machine learning researchers to visualize data without having to install and run TensorFlow.
Dimensionality, and vectors in general, is not something that most of us find easy to understand. 
The problem is that we all live in a three-dimensional world. We are taught length, width and height, so we struggle to imagine what a forth, fifth or sixth dimension might look like — this is why most of us found Christopher Nolan’s  representation of additional dimensions wonky  in the movie Interstellar.

To enable a more intuitive exploration process, they e are  open-sourcing the Embedding Projector , a web application for interactive visualization and analysis of high-dimensional data recently shown as an  A.I. Experiment , as part of  TensorFlow
They are also releasing a standalone version at , where users can visualize their high-dimensional data without the need to install and run TensorFlow.