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A quick review of STPivot4 Open Source OLAP tool

STPivot4 Open Source OLAP tool                                

STPivot4   is based on old Jpivot and Pivot4J projects, now not in progress, where we´ve included, improved and strengthened many new functionalities mentioned below as technical features.

STPivot4  includes an innovative work space for selecting your query that allows end users work easily using drag and drop. End user can identify quickly which dimensions, measures or filters in order to work with them.  Now, you can search, filter, rank and select in order to refine your queries as a first approach previous a query, avoiding waiting for long query response times. 
Has been improved design, usability, graphs and, in summary,  easy to use and manage for end users.

STPivot4  supports Mondrian 4, so it allows grant scalability, compliance and performance improvements and, working as a Pentaho plugin, working wih last available Pentaho versions.

Main Features and Download

You can download open source code from  Github . We´ll be grateful of helping you in your Business Intelligence projects using Open Source tools if you need support, development and consultancy. We´d like to receive your feedback:

  • Cube Selector

    We've created a new popup window where end users can  easily select dimension values, measures, levels... for their queries. It includes a new search feature that improves value selection with high cardinality dimensions. 
    In your design window, end users can drag and drop their dimensions, filters and measures quickly and easily. 

  • New search functionality

    One of the best new features of STPivot is the ability of search dimension values easily, when you manage a great number of values.
    This is very helpful when you need to identify your desired values on each level/dimension/hierarchy in order to include them in our query result. 

  • Drag and Drop query design and build 

    If sometime you wanted to build your queries easily and quickly, with this visuall drag and drop design now it´s possible. 

  • Filter and drill to detail

    One of the best functionalities of any OLAP Viewer is the possibility of drill through any dimension and measure in order to get powerful insights about yor data models.

  • Advance Filters

    It´s included advance filters within the Selector, so you can leverage all the power of OLAP cubes, refining your queries and nesting each filter. 
     Ranking Top Count 
     Ranking Bottom Count
     Visual Totals
     Limit First/Last

  • Graphics and Visualization 

    STPivot includes a great variety of graphic libraries (pie, chart, heatmaps, line, bar...) fully configurable with popup information for any of your analytical needs. 

  • Calculator

    All the simplicity and power for end users, so they can directly create their own formulas with a friendly interface, in order to include them in their OLAP views. 


We are working on new functionalities for STPivot. Some of them are listed below: 

  •  Complex Formula Editor
  •  Create calculate members 
  •  Analysis Wizard 
  •  What If 
  •  Undo Feature 
  •  Improving user interface, performance and integration 
  •  New 'cool' ideas...