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Location Intelligence for Indoor Maps

Carto , herramienta de visualización Geoespacial de la que somos partners. En esta aplicación de análisis de tráfico en 'near real time', la podéis ver en funcionamiento junto a Pentaho, lanza una funcionalidad muy interesante:
Análisis Business Intelligence en ubicaciones (Location Intelligence) indoor (es decir, grandes oficinas, centros comerciales, universidades, edificios públicos o deportivos, etc...). Las posibilidades son enormes.
Nuestros compañeros de Carto nos indican:
"Indoor maps often direct users to emergency exits, which has limited our context of mapping to external geographical spaces. With the rise of Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS), however, the field of data visualization is turning inward to pioneer new paths to purchase with indoor maps.

Situm, a member of Telefónica’s Open Future initiative, and known as the “GPS for indoor” start-up, analyzes indoor traffic for various sectors using location intelligence. Despite an exponential rise in mobile purchasing, the Department of Commerce reports that 90 percent of retail purchases are transacted offline, which means managing in-store traffic is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. But aside from providing directions for customers, what, exactly, can IPS offer? Well, as we learned during a recent collaboration with Situm, the answer is a lot"