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Interesantes presentaciones de SAS

Hace poco tuvo lugar la Conferencia Anual de de SAS , en esta ocasión fué en Copenhage, y os podéis descargar algunas de las presentaciones, realmente interesantes:
- VISTO: An Operational Tool to Visualise the Duration of Public Investment Projects
- Active Use of Data Mining in the Customer Life Cycle Management Process of a Telecom Operator
- Data Mining in the Financial Services Industry: Change We Need
- Predictive Risk Management in the Telecommunications Industry
- Forecasting with Artificial Neural Networks – Science Fiction or the Future of Time Series Prediction?
- Automation of Modelling at ING; Enhancement of Data Set
- Writing the Book: Creating a Promotions-Impact 'Bible' at Delhaize
- Free Model for Generalized Path Modeling and Comparison with Bayesian Networks
- How to automate SAS Enterprise Miner Model training to be More Efficient and Keep Business Predictions Up-to-Date
- Gas Portfolio Optimisation
- Text Mining at Luzern Hospital
- Analytics that Drive Business Value – Perspective from Advanced Analytics R&D
- Net Lift Prediction Models: How to Maximize Marketing Impact and What Data Miners Can Learn from Presidential Campaigns
- Developing and Managing Analytical Models
- Tailor made Web Statistics @ RSVZ
- Improvement of European Air Traffic Forecasts at EUROCONTROL
- Statistics Crossing Borders
- Next Best Product – Offering the Right Product in a Multi-Channel Framework
- Creating a Model Factory Using in-Database Analytics
- The Circulation of Magazines
- A JMP Software-Based, User-Friendly Analysis and Presentation System for Consumer Test Evaluation and Interpretation in the Food Industry
- Data Preparation for Analytics
- Rapid Predictive Modeling for Customer Intelligence
- Graphical Data Analysis of Large-Size Data Sets
- Marketing Optimisation: Adaptive Campaign Management with Batch Data Mining