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New STPivot (LinceBI) features

Great news!! LinceBI team (open source based business intelligence solution with professional support) has added new features to OLAP Analytics tool, STPivot

You can see and try here in action and obtain from LinceBI

Released STPivot 1.4.7 includes:

1) Support for Pentaho 8.3 LTS. This will allow support for the future version 9.1

2) MDX parameters:

  • An mdx parameter has been added to the schema and cube parameters to generate MDX tables on the fly by calling the tool's url. This parameter can be passed by GET (coded) or POST. It is important to take into account that the MDX must be coded to be admitted in the URL
  • Example of an MDX by parameter and the initial loading of the tool:

3) Drill Through

The information shown in the Drill Throught table consisted only of the metrics and dimensions selected in the pivot table

This behaviour has been modified so that it now includes the information from all the columns that make up each row of the fact table and the disaggregated information can be better contextualised

4) DefaultMember attribute for hierarchies not used in the initial consultation

  • Hierarchies defined in a dimension can have a default member by defining the defaultMember attribute. This is mainly used when these hierarchies do not have the dummy member All so that Mondrian knows which member to use in the SQL queries sent to the DB.
  • The operation of this attribute has been corrected in hierarchies not used in the initial query in the dimension editor, where the first member that found

<Hierarchy visible="true" hasAll="false" allMemberName="Todos" defaultMember="[Todos]" primaryKey="id">

The attribute is now respected and is as follows:

5) Support for hideMemberIf

The ability to recognize the correct level of a member was lost when the member has the hideMemberIf attribute other than "Never". The support of this attribute in the dimension editor has been corrected

The value of the attribute is now taken into account with other values such as "IfParentsName" to hide levels that do not want to be displayed because they have the same name as the parent level. This also allows to generate a correct synchronization between the pivot table and the dimension editor

6) Export

The filter applied in the export to different formats is now included

7) Datepicker

  • When selecting the deadlines for the datepicker, it was not taken into account that the upper level could be composed of only one member, which meant that the last available date was never extracted. For example, only dates from a single year.
  • The internal parser is now case insensitive so that it can work with non-standard month values.
  • A wide range of Quarter format cases are now covered

8) Filter by Boolean type property

The treatment of this type of property has been corrected, allowing support for any database used.
MDX using this type of properties will be transformed from:

Filter({[Order Status].[Type].Members}, (CAST([Order Status].CurrentMember.Properties("Delivered") AS String) = "true")
Filter({[Order Status]. [Type].Members}, [Order Status].CurrentMember.Properties("Delivered"))

Fixed a bug that prevented saving a STPivot view if you did not interact with the OLAP browser before saving.

Fixed minor functionality errors