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Se presenta Mondrian 3.0

Recien salido del horno, ya esta aquí la version 3.0.3 de Mondrian , la solución OLAP de la Plataforma Pentaho que lidera Julian Hyde .
En esta ocasión, viene con importantes novedades, e incluso nosotros estamos colaborando en la mejora de algunos componentes del código, para el tratamiento de las dimensiones de alta cardinalidad.
Hay que recordar que Mondrian es muy importante, por que no solo esta presente en Pentaho, sino en otras soluciones BI Open Source como SpagoBI , JasperIntelligence o plataformas OnDemand como Lucidera .
* olap4j API . olap4j is the Open Java API for OLAP
( ). From mondrian-3.0 onwards, olap4j
is the main API for connecting to mondrian, browsing
metadata and executing queries.
* Rollup policy controls how a cell's value is calculated if
some of its children are hidden by access-control. Before
mondrian-3.0 the only policy was 'full': if access to a
hierarchy was restricted, the value of a member would be
equal to the sum of its children; from mondrian-3.0, we
also allow 'partial' (the sum is the sum of the visible
children) or 'hidden' (the cell's value is unknown if any
of the children are hidden). The policy is expressed by the
rollupPolicy attribute of the element.
* Aggregate roles . You can now define a role in the schema
that has the sum of the privileges of two or more roles;
and you can connect to mondrian with one or more roles.
This facility enables closer integration with Pentaho
access-control, where a user can already exist in multiple
* Allow distinct-count measures to be aggregated . For
example, mondrian can now compute the number of distinct
customers who bought beer or diapers in Q2 or Q3. For
efficiency, cell values are loaded in batches and a
special cache allows aggregate cell values to be reused
between queries.
* Improved dimension sharing . Allow a shared dimension to be
used more than once within the same cube.
* Virtual cube enhancements . When a cube that uses the same
dimension twice is involved in a virtual cube,
disambiguate which usage of the dimension is involved.
Allow the virtual cube to use the same cube more than
* Scalar functions . Many scalar functions have been added in
mondrian-3.0, to the the specification of the Visual Basic
for Applications (VBA) and Excel libraries that are
available by default in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis
Services (SSAS) and that many MDX users assume are part of
the core MDX language.
New functions: Abs, Acosh, Asc, AscB, AscW, Asin, Asinh,
Atan2, Atanh, Atn, Cache, CBool, CByte, CDate, CDbl, Chr,
ChrB, ChrW, CInt, Cos, Cosh, Date, DateAdd, DateDiff,
DatePart, DateSerial, DateValue, Day, DDB, Degrees,
DrilldownLevel, DrilldownLevelBottom, DrilldownLevelTop,
Exp, Fix, FormatCurrency, FormatDateTime, FormatNumber,
FormatPercent, FV, Hex, Hour, InStrRev, Int, IPmt, IRR,
IsDate, LCase, Log, Log10, LTrim, Minute, MIRR, Month,
MonthName, Now, NPer, NPV, Oct, Percentile, Pi, Pmt,
Power, PPmt, PV, Radians, Rate, Replace, Right, Round,
RTrim, Second, Sgn, Sin, Sinh, SLN, Space, Sqr, SqrtPi,
Str, StrComp, String, StrReverse, SYD, Tan, Tanh, Time,
Timer, TimeSerial, TimeValue, Trim, TypeName, Val,
Weekday, WeekdayName, Year.
We have added additional forms to existing functions:
Descendants(, , LEAVES); Format can now be applied
to DateTime values; Iif can be applied to member, level,
hierarchy, dimension and tuple and set values; Levels can
be applied to a string expression.
* JNDI in connect string. JDBC data sources can be specified
by their JNDI name.