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Extreme OLAP tutorial con Apache Kylin - Kyligence

Quieres aprender todo sobre Apache Kylin y Kyligence ? No te pierdas estos videotutoriales. Saber más sobre Kylin  (en español)
Enable Interactive Big Data Analytics of Power BI
See how fast and easy it is to analyze 10 million rows of data in Microsoft Power BI using Kyligence vs. Hive for Big Data.
Explore Dataset in Large Scale with Qlik
Learn how Kyligence, the leading intelligent Big Data OLAP platform, helps Qlik users explore and query datasets quickly at any scale.
Why Xactly chose Kyligence as a centralized data analytic platform?
See how Kyligence helped Xactly simplify data management and accelerate business value generation with its centralized Big Data analytics platform.
Accelerate BI on Big Data with Kyligence
Discover how Kyligence makes sub-second query response times on massive datasets for thousands of concurrent users a breeze.
Extreme OLAP with Apache Kylin
See how the latest version of Apache Kylin is making OLAP on Big Data faster and easier than ever before with these real use cases.
Building enterprise OLAP on Hadoop in Finance
Get an overview of Apache Kylin and Kyligence’s Big Data analytics platform that covers key enterprise features including concurrency and compatibility.
Apache Kylin Use Cases in China and Japan
Learn how Apache Kylin is being adopted in China and Japan with real use cases and best practices you can apply to your own Big Data efforts.
Kyligence Insight for Superset
Learn how to get started with Kyligence Insight for Superset and start accelerating your Big Data analytics and time to insight today.