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Gran Libro: "Using Open Source Platforms for Business Intelligence"

Escrito por la especialista Lindsay Wise , es una paso más en la importancia que está adquiriendo en Business Intelligence Open Source en la actualidad. 
Gran parte de las organizaciones ya han confiado y se han dado cuenta que las soluciones BI Open Source son una gran apuesta. Este libro puede ser el apo yo final para los que todavía les queda alguna du da.
Su subtítulo es todavía más elocuente:

Avoid Pitfalls and Maximize ROI 

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D escripci ón del Libro:

Open Source BI solutions have many advantages over traditional proprietary software, from offering lower initial costs to more flexible support and integration options; but, until now, there has been no comprehensive guide to the complete offerings of the OS BI market.  Writing for IT managers and business analysts without bias toward any BI suite, industry insider Lyndsay Wise covers the benefits and challenges of all available open source BI systems and tools, enabling readers to identify the solutions and technologies that best meet their business needs. Wise compares and contrasts types of OS BI and proprietary tools on the market, including Pentaho, Jaspersoft, RapidMiner, SpagoBI, BIRT, and many more Real-world case studies and project templates clarify the steps involved in implementing open source BI, saving new users the time and trouble of developing their own solutions from scratch. For business managers who are hard pressed to indentify the best BI solutions and software for their companies, this book provides a practical guide to evaluating the ROI of open source versus traditional BI deployments. 

Aunque ya se publicó hace u n tiempo, hoy os traemos una interesant e revisión re alizada por The art of Business Intelligence