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Las 10 historias BI mas populares segun Information Management

Una de las publicaciones líderes en BI, Information Management , nos ofrece la lista (muy interesante de ver en detalle) de las historias y entradas en sus blogs (de grandes expertos), durante este año. Una forma de ver opiniones expertas, sobre temas interesantes del BI.
10. “ Best in BI? Ask the Crowd ” by Jim Ericson
9. “ Pros and Cons of Using a Vendor Provided Analytical Data Model in Your BI Implementation ” by Boris Evelson
8. “ BI, Analytics and Statistical Science ” by Steve Miller
7. “ Who Are the BI Personas? ” by Boris Evelson
6. “ Misconceptions About Statistics ” by Steve Miller
5. “ Metadata, Is That What It’s Called? ” by Jim Ericson
4. “ Standing Up for Agile BI. (Sort of.) ” by Jill Dyché
3. “ Top 10 Ways to Fail at MDM ” by Jim Ericson
2. “ 11 Answers to ‘Why Isn’t My BI Application Useful?’ ” by Boris Evelson
1. “ Introducing the MDM Market’s Newest 800lb. Gorilla! – Informatica Acquires Siperian ” by Rob Karel