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STPivot, Free and Open Source OLAP viewer

STPivot is an open source web based OLAP viewer , developed by Todo BI – Stratebi, completely free and open source , based on default Pivot viewer provided by Pentaho, writen on top of JPivot. The idea behind this project was to improve JPivot user's experience, by taking advantage of free user interface libraries and technologies (such as jQuery and Ajax).
If you are tired of old jpivot... (Jpivot is no longer being maintained or JPivot has been replaced by Pentaho Analyzer.)

Now you have STPivot!!
...although default Pivot viewer in Pentaho have successfully pass the test of time (fully simple, functional and crossbrowser), in Stratebi our clients constantly asked for improved versions (closer to the state of the art). That´s why we develop STPivot, giving special attention to user interface and interactions (foreground).
You can download from here !!

Main features included are:
  • Ajax interface
  • Use of jQuery to handle user interactions
  • Highlighted MDX syntax in the editor
  • Easier edition of charts (resizing with mouse, icons for options)
  • New set of icons
  • Formula Editor
  • Min, Max, AVG, SUM
  • Save Option
  • UI improvements
  • Set of documents and samples
  • Clickable members