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Libros gratuitos sobre Health Analytics

Si te interesa como aplicar Analytics (Business Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence) al sector de la salud, estás de enhorabuena. Te damos acceso a tres libros gratuitos muy interesantes: 1. Fundamentals of Clinical Data Science 2. Secondary Analysis of Electronic Health Records 3. Clinical Text Mining Además, os

Pentaho Library

No te pierdas la recopilación sobre libros de Pentaho recopilados en esta web . Nosotros disponemos y hemos leido la mayoría y os podemos asegurar que son útiles. Eso sí, no olvidéis acompañarlos de conocimiento práctico

Data science, analytics, big data, visualization books

Gran recopilación de Vincent Granville en esta entrada : Implementing Analytics Visualizing Data Data Mining Discovering and Visualizing Patterns with Python Data Science for Business A Concise Guide to Compositional Data Analysis Alternative Methods of Regression How Algorithms Came to Rule Our World Machine Learning and Statistics, by Lion Solver Applied

Aprende sobre Graph Databases

  Learn about concepts behind Neo4j , graph databases, NOSQL and start to dive into our Cypher query language. Free Download Graph Databases , published by O’Reilly Media, discusses the problems that are well aligned with graph databases, with examples drawn from practical, real-world use cases. This book also looks at

Book Review: Pentaho 5.0 Reporting By Example

PACKT Publishing Writers: Mariano García Mattío, Dario R. Bernabeu Paperback: 342 pages Link to the book page. Pentaho Report Designer is the best open source tool for creating reports. It is integrated within the Pentaho BI suite and covers all the necessary functions in a reporting tool . This book explains

Free eBook, GIS Succintly

Un libro gratuito que nos puede ser de mucha utilidad para conocer más en detalle sobre Sistemas de Información Geográfica (GIS), en donde se habla de Geokettle, una herramienta muy interesante "Learn the ins and outs of geographic information systems.With GIS Succinctly, author Peter Shaw guides you through it