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Free book: Location Intelligence for Dummies

One more time, good news from one of our favourite partners: Carto You can see an example of the power of Location Intelligence (joining geomaps with Business Intelligence in this near real-time Dashboard with traffic information of Madrid City , using Carto, Pentaho, Mondrian OLAP, CDE and STPivot Location intelligence (LI)

This is great, Fantasy Map Generator

It is a Fantasy Map Generator based on D3 Voronoi diagram rendered to scalable svg. Use random to genarate the map with default options, customize to make your own shape. Project goal is to create a procedural generated map for my Medieval Dinasty game simulator. So a map should be

iD v2 is now available on OpenStreetMap

The web-based iD editor is designed to help create an even better, more current OpenStreetMap by lowering the threshold of entry to mapping with a straightforward, in-browser editing experience. Head over to OpenStreetMap and  start editing today ! You can make meaningful contributions with just a few minutes of training.

FOSS4G 2016, Call for Submissions now open!

This year, OSGeo and FOSSGIS e.V. as organizer invite you to Bonn, Germany between August 20th and 28th to share and acquire knowledge, acquaintances, friends and positive energy through all the activities we are planning for you: code sprints, workshops, B2B meetings, pub race, icebreaker, gala event and, of

40 mapas que explican el mundo

Gran seleccion del Washington Post sobre a utilidad de los mapas a la hora representar datos y poder entender la información Ver los 40 mapas En los Cuadros de Mando es muy habitual el uso de mapas, pues se viene haciendo desde hace muchos años, pero no tan habitual en