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Try the most comprehensive Business Intelligence solution based on Open Source

LinceBI is a web platform based on Pentaho open source that allows you to have a Business Intelligence environment quickly and easily, so you can test and check if it fits for you.

With LinceBI environment you can connect to your data whether they are in a database or in flat files. Once you establish the connection, you can analyze a wide range of possibilities: Browsing OLAP, Reporting, Dashboards, Scorecards ... You can use it in the cloud or in your own environment. Now you can try and use their functionalities
No need to worry about license fees, only create your BI project with our help

Reporting Adhoc
Based on Saiku Reporting

Business Intelligence Agil

More videos: 
- How to access and navigate through the application
- How to connect to CSV datasources
- How to connect to Relational Databases
- Exploring data with PivotTables
- How to create a Dashboard    
- How to create a Report