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Muchos diréis que esto es una 'aberración' literaria, pero si necesitáis crear un texto lo más rápido posible, gracias a la inteligencia artificial y el Machine Learning, ahora es posible con Writeup

Es Open Source, además is an open-sourced text-bot that writes with you. It's (mostly) powered by OpenAI's GPT-2 and has additional fine-tuned models:

  • Legal
  • Copywriting and Mission Statements
  • Lyrics
  • Harry Potter
  • Game of Thrones
  • Academic Research Abstracts

The main technical challenges were creating an app that could deliver OpenAI's GPT-2 Medium (a ml model that generates text) quickly and simultaneously support 10-20 heavy users.

Table of Contents

- Inception
- Architecture
- Three Weeks in Lima
- 90 / 90 Rule
- Inference And Other Scary Jargon Explained
- Inference Profiling
- Thomson's Rule for First-Time Telescope Makers
- Docker! Where’s my video card?! And other deployment difficulties.
- Finding Bottlenecks. What do you mean I'm out of memory?
- Training Models
- Running Models
- Other Deployment Improvements, Distillation, Thoughts
- Dealing With Burnout