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OLAP for Big Data. It´s possible?

Hadoop is a great platform for storing a lot of data, but running OLAP is usually done on smaller datasets in legacy and traditional proprietary platforms.   OLAP workloads are beginning to migrate to the one data lake that is running Hadoop and Spark. Fortunately, there are a number of Apache

Video Tutoriales sobre Pentaho y BI Open Source

Gracias a todos vosotros hemos alcanzado las 100.000 reproduccionesde los video tutoriales sobre Business Intellience Open Source, principalmente Pentaho, en nuestro Canal de Youtube []. La verdad es que estamos gratamente sorprendidos del interés que despiertan. A dichas reproducciones habría que sumar el Video Tutorial

New Pentaho Demo available

[] Now available our new Demo on Pentaho [], which includes many new exciting features such as Saiku OLAP and Reporting, CDE ... We also include some of the improvements that had asked some of our customers and we included them as an improvement in